Mark Rabkin’s experience includes leading teams at Apple, Venture Capital backed start-ups, being a CEO and Founder and is currently Director of AI & Analytics at Cognizant.

He is a graduate of the Advanced and Dedicated Practitioners program offered by Spirit Rock, the SATI chaplaincy program and has volunteered at the Zen Hospice Center. Mark is a trained NeuroLinguistic Programming practitioner and has completed Tony Robbins’ series of seminars aimed at personal development.

He holds a degree in International Relations Cum Laude from San Francisco State University and an MBA from Cornell University. At Cornell he was the recipient of the Kidd Grant for Entrepreneurship and was the TA for the undergraduate course on Entrepreneurship.

Mark brings his diverse experiences, unending curiosity about the perplexing world we live in and quick sense of humor to his very part time business, executive and life coaching practice. If interested he can be contacted at www.activebe.com/contactus.